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Comprehensive Dog Training Programs: 
From Puppy Foundations to Resolving Behavioral Challenges

Consistency and structure are at the core of our dog training programs. Our unwavering commitment to love and care sets the stage for effective training. We wholeheartedly provide the puppies with affection and attention, creating a secure and confident environment crucial for their learning and development. Our primary objective revolves around fostering well-socialized and crate/house trained puppies.

To achieve this, we follow a daily schedule that emphasizes short training intervals. As the puppies grow, we gradually introduce more advanced tasks to expand their skill set. Over approximately three weeks, our focus encompasses house/crate training, teaching cues such as "sit," "stay," "down," "off," "come," and name recognition. We also introduce leash walking and address common issues like jumping or nipping.

Upon completion of the training period, we personally meet with you and your family to discuss the progress achieved. We provide you with the necessary tools and guidance to continue the training at home, ensuring consistency in the learning process. Even after the training is completed, we remain readily available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.

We understand that training needs extend beyond puppies, which is why we also specialize in working with older dogs facing specific training challenges. Whether it's reactivity or aggression, our experienced trainer is equipped to address and manage these issues. We approach these cases with patience, understanding, and proven techniques to promote positive behavior modification. By focusing on building trust, creating a structured environment, and utilizing effective training methods, we strive to help older dogs overcome their challenges and develop new, more desirable behaviors. Our goal is to provide the necessary support and guidance to both the dog and the owner, ensuring a harmonious and fulfilling relationship.

Dogs with Dog Walker

Meet the Trainer

Monique Altomonte

​​I am a trainer based in scenic Bucks County, Pennsylvania, living with my husband, three children, and two English Setters. With a wide range of experience, I have had the privilege of training dogs of all breeds and ages. From building foundational puppy skills to addressing challenges during adolescence and resolving behavioral issues in mature dogs, I cover it all. Additionally, I collaborate with families and organizations to choose and train dogs for Therapy work or Emotional Support Animal roles. I am excited to meet you and your new puppy!

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